Pakistan, U.S|November 10, 2017 11:48 am

India Refusing Visa to a Pakistani American Student

An undergraduate student from the University of New Haven is supposed to graduate next year. Mia Sumra is the name of the student. This student had received the prestigious government Boren Scholarship in order to study Urdu in Lucknow, India in the month of May. However, the ministry of home affairs cancelled her request twice as she belongs to Pakistan. It would be relevant to mention that the diplomatic relation between India and Pakistan has been undergoing through turmoil for a long time. The denial of visa has created uproar within the liberal society and became viral.
The prestigious scholarship has been named after the former US Senator and Oklahoma Gov. David L. Boren and created by the US Senate. Boren scholarship allows an individual to study different languages and cultures across the world.
When asked regarding the matter Mia questioned how does it feel like when someone labels the guilt ahead of proving their innocence? Soon after finding that she has been elected to receive the prestigious scholarship to study Urdu in India, she accepted it as she had a wish to back to the roots. In spite of achieving the scholarship, the visa of the student has been denied twice.
When asked to study the subject in her homeland she remarked that she had left the country at the age of 8 and she had a few haunting memories there as well. That is why she never wished to go back to her homeland in Pakistan. She also told that India has proved their supremacy by the process of socio-economic development and others. India is far more progressive than Pakistan and this is the reason, for she wanted to study there.

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