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Low Salary of Teachers is a Key Problem in Pakistan’s Education System: UNESCO Report


UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring reported that Pakistan’s spending on education is at the lowest levels among others. It stressed that low level of teacher’s salary has been identified as a key problem in country’s educational system. The report also said that blaming others for systematic educational problems will have serious effects on the learning system.
The report called Global Education Monitoring (GEM) highlights responsibilities of respective governments to provide quality education. Blaming teachers for poor records in exams and absenteeism can be unjust and unconstructive. It added that authorities in Pakistan use test results for evaluating teachers.
The report warns that this is not a proper way of evaluating teachers because it blames teachers for poor learning system, which is regulated by many other factors like student’s skills, parental background, culture and curriculum.
The director of the GEM report, Manos Antonini said that the use of test results to evaluate teachers and schools will force them to adjust their behaviour and keep themselves safe. This process will leave the weakest learners behind. He also said that accountability should start with governments and if a government is trying to make it busy by blaming others, it is trying to shift attention away from its own accountability instead of making effort to create a strong and helpful educational system.
The report added that there are no rules or regulation for health and safety in educational institutions in Pakistan. One-third of schools in Pakistan have no sanitation facilities including drinking water and students in only half of the total government schools enjoy facilities of usable toilets. It also mentioned that Pakistan’s youth literacy rate is merely 73% that says that more than 1 in every 4 of them cannot read.

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