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Madras High Court Dismisses Petition to Ban Mersal, but Telugu Release to Be Rescheduled

source: www.regional.pinkvilla.com

The release date of Tamil superhit Mersal in Telugu has been delayed due to the controversy over its censorship. Recently, the Madras High Court had rejected a petition regarding banning of the film and remarked it is actually fiction, not real life things. It is a duty to preserve the freedom of expression for every individual. The origin of the ban goes to a Chennai-based advocate, who complained that the film had portrayed the country from a different angle and it had only highlighted the dark side of it. He also claimed that the depiction of the entire health system and the modern taxation system also done in a different way.

It would be relevant to admit that the film had not been released in the neighbouring state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh due to the unavailability of the dubbed version of the film. BJP had demanded to remove few dialogues as it was against the newly implemented tax GST. The Telugu version of the movie Adhirindhi likely to be released in 700 screens across the two states. However, the producers are yet to announce the rescheduled release date.

The ruling party is demanding a few edits, and the oppositions are targeting BJP by saying that they are trying to shut the freedom of artistic expressions. Murali Ramaswamy, the producer of the movie remarked that in case few opinions that had been used in the movie hurt the sentiment and creates chaos could be removed for sure, and they are prepared for that as well.

The movie stars Vijay and released on Diwali. It has earned about 200 crores from its worldwide screening.

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