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Maharashtra Lawmaker Shouted at Shah Rukh Khan Saying ‘Have You Brought Alibaug?’

source: www.filmibeat.com

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has recently celebrated his 52nd birthday in Mumbai’s Alibaug. However, a small incident drew the attention of the nation, where a Maharashtra lawmaker shouted at the actor saying ‘have you bought Alibaug?’. Lawmaker Jayant Patil alleged that he was headed for Alibaug, but could not reach his beat, because Khan’s private yacht was rested at the jetty.

The delay made the legislator lose his cool and he shouted at Shah Rukh by saying if he has brought Alibaug. The video of the incident went viral in social media and a number of television channels broadcasted it immediately. The incident took place on November 3, where the lawmaker was allegedly suffered from a delay at the Gateway of India jetty in Mumbai, as SRK’s yacht was docked in the jetty at that time. Mr Patil later said that he could to reach his board, because of Shah Rukh’s boat, which was not in a hurry to leave the jetty.

Alibaug is one of the popular tourist spots in the area, where celebrities often spend their weekends. Mr Patil is the general secretary of the Peasants and Workers’ Party and he is from Alibaug. In the video that went viral in media, the lawmaker was seen shouting at Khan as saying, “You may be a superstar, but have you bought the entire Alibaug? You cannot enter Alibaug without my permission.”

Mr Patil later said that a huge crowd was there to get a glimpse of the actor and there were some police officers guarding the actor. However, he added that Khan’s private yacht was not moving from the jetty and the police were doing nothing to clear the traffic that angered him a lot.

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