Bangladesh, Other|November 9, 2017 1:07 am

Marks and Spencer Likely To Expand By Increasing the Sourcing From Bangladesh


According to the statement of the country manager of British retail giant Marks & Spencer, the garment units from Bangladesh are becoming new exemplars of factory safety after the owners have rectified all of the structural errors with the help of Accord, Alliance and the Government. In an interview of one of the renowned media outlet from Bangladesh, the country manager of Marks and Spencer, Shwapna Bhowmick remarked that presently the owners have become more proactive regarding the protection and the environment. Earlier, the scene was little different. It could be termed as one of the biggest shifts in the field of garment sector.

The country manager of Marks and Spencer, Shwapna Bhowmick is the foremost Bangladeshi national to be in charge of M&S’s operations across the country. She had started her journey in the year of 2006 as a senior merchandiser when the British Retail giant used to source only $5 million from the land of Bangladesh.  The present development and changes have brought a significant change in the field of investment, as the organization is likely to source $700 million this year from the land of Bangladesh.

The sourcing of Marks and Spencer has been increased by 30% over the three years. The country manager also remarked that they only believe in sustainability and the progressive growth of the business.  For example, the recent changes of purchase of garment products from Bangladesh could be indicated. The manager also emphasized that she was also willing to bring the change across the country. She told that they own several green factories and Marks and Spencer has been working with 12 green factories across Bangladesh.

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