Entertainment, Pakistan|November 9, 2017 3:11 am

Oscar Winner Director Created Stir on Social Media for Different Reason


Social media users in Pakistan got another reason to wake up after Academy Award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy wrote on Twitter saying that her sister went to a doctor for some treatment, who later tried to connect her on social media. Sharmeen took social media to share the story with others.
Shermeen’s sister Mahjabeen went to a private hospital for some medical check-up and later she noticed a friend request on social media from the same doctor who treated her. Reacting to the incident, Shermeen wrote on the writer as saying there are zero boundaries in #pakistan!. She also added that it is hard to understand how a doctor who was on duty to tend emergency patients, thinks about sending a friend request or how the doctor thought that it is ok to collect the info of a female patient and add her on social media.
Fuming over the incident, Shemeen added as saying that this time the doctor messed with the wrong woman and she will definitely take the issue further. According to rumours on social media, soon after the issue went viral, the Aga Khan University Hospital fired the doctor. However, when contacted, the hospital authority refused to say anything on the issue.
A source from the hospital said that the hospital understands the value of confidentiality and always maintains the highest standard for it. The incident created a little buzz on social media, as many users refused to tag the case as harassment. Social activist Maleeha Hussain said that how sending a friend request can be an act of harassment when a user can easily delete or block the person. Likewise, senior journalist Uzma Alkarim said that people often misuse the term ‘harassment.’

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