India, Other|November 9, 2017 1:51 am

Oxford English Dictionary Made A Number of Indian Words Global 


One of the most prestigious English dictionaries in the world, Oxford, has recently included some of the most common Indian words in its latest version. Among a number of common words used by the Indians, the name of some popular food items including gulab jamun, gosht, bhindi, keema, mirch, mirch masala, vada and namak have found their place in Oxford’s latest update.

Other newly included words of Indian origin are- sevak, surya namaskar and udyog along with some oftenly used terms like natak, chup, achcha, funda and timepass. The dictionary also included the words like ‘ji’, which is used to show respect.

However, this was not the first time when the world’s most renowned wordbook decided to include Indian words, as they included over 900 words of Indian origin like badmash and bhelpuri in the past. Words like ‘Anna’ already existed in the Oxford Dictionary. The word Anna referred as a unit of currency in India and Pakistan. It is also defined as ‘elder brother’ in southern part of India.

Likewise, Hindi word like ‘badmash’, which refers as dishonest or unprincipled in English has gone global and earned huge popularity in recent past. Bhelpuri, chutney, dhaba and churidar are other words Oxford has included in its notebook in the recent past.

Earlier this year, Oxford included the names of a number of Indian food essentials including chana and chana dal, as Oxford English Dictionary deemed them as popular enough to be included in its then current update. Like every year, authorities has decided to declare the Word of the Year award and it was the word ‘post-truth’ that own the award in 2016.

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