Bangladesh, Entertainment|November 28, 2017 10:56 pm

Rickshaw Driver Takes Legal Action against Bangladeshi Actor Shakib Khan


One of the most renowned Bangladeshi film stars, Shakib Khan has been sued by a Bangladeshi auto-rickshaw driver. The Bangladeshi superstar mentioned a mobile number in a movie that actually belongs to the rickshaw driver. This issue has led Ilajul Mia to receive numerous calls from the female admirers of Bangladeshi Actor Shakib Khan. While asked regarding the issue, Mia remarked that the usage of his mobile number has messed up his life. In this regard, he has filed a complaint against the Bangladeshi superstar Shakib Khan.

The rickshaw driver has demanded and expecting $60,000 (£45,000) in connection with the misery resulted from those calls.  In addition, he also complained that these calls have nearly ruined his marriage. In that complaint, Mr Mia remarked that he had received more or less 500 calls per day. The disturbance continued over five days in the month of July.  Most of the calls were made from the female admirers of Shakib Khan with a hope of meeting the hero for real. When asked regarding the matter to the Bangladeshi superstar, he seemed to remain silent and neither passed any comments on the matter.

Shakib Khan is one of the most successful commercial actors from Bangladesh and, he has bagged numerous awards for his contribution amidst the entertainment business of Bangladesh.  The incident of the much-talked phone number has been used in the film Rajniti. The film has been released in the month of June and it has been directed and produced by Mr Khan as well. The movie showed the actor had been seen reciting that mobile number to his on-screen girlfriend.

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