Sports, Sri Lanka|November 6, 2017 11:31 pm

Sri Lankan Sports Minister Denies Charges of Using Witchcraft against Pakistani Team

Sri Lankan cricket is undergoing through an exciting stage. There is always gossip news regarding the players. However, this time the incident is slightly different. Following the triumph in two match test series against Pakistan, Sri Lanka had been handed a 5-0 defeat in One Day International (ODI) series. The triumph in the test series against Pakistan has impressed everyone. All the things were going smoothly until a local sorcerer Ganga Zoiza had made a unique claim a few weeks back and messed up the whole situation.
The local sorcerer Ganga Zoiza had claimed that the sports minister of Sri Lanka, Dayasiri Jayasekara had requested to cast a spell upon the Pakistani cricket team and this resulted in the triumph of the national team in the Test Series. Soon after making this claim, the news became viral on the Internet and received mixed reviews. The sports minister also has been asked regarding the accuracy of the claim, but he denied all the claims made by the local sorcerer. He also expressed his anger and told that in case she did not abide by his request of taking down the post, he would complain to the police and take appropriate legal action against her.
He also told that he neither has suggested any of the players or the captain to go and get her services. However, the local sorcerer has publicly confessed that the sports minister had ordered Sri Lanka’s test skipper Dinesh Chandimal to request to cast a curse upon the Pakistani team in order to ensure the victory. She also claimed that the player had come to her ahead of leaving for the series.


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