Bangladesh, Entertainment|November 7, 2017 12:24 am

The Mysterious Death of Vogue Cover Model Questions Different Issues of Islamic Belief


Raudha Athif, an excellent cover model of renowned fashion magazine Vogue was found dead in her college dorm years later. She spent her early days in Maldives ahead of moving to Bangladesh in order to study medicine.  According to a statement of Bangladeshi authorities, she took her life by her own, but her father Mohammed Athif believes it as a well-planned murder. A 60 minutes report also suggests that he might be correct. Raudha Athif was studying medicine at the Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi, located in the country’s west. She had been discovered dead a few months ago.

She had intended to shift to Perth, Australia in order to join her family, a year later.  She continued her glamorous career in modelling alongside with her study.  Soon she reached the peak of her career when the photo of her became viral on the internet.  Later she became the Vogue cover girl in the month of October 2016, it was a prestigious achievement for her.  She was on the peak when she was murdered. Some believe that she should not do that as Bangladesh is a Muslim nation.

According to the statements of a human rights lawyer, her modelling had a clash with the strict religious values of the country. She also remarked that she knew few comments had been made to Raudha regarding the clothes she used to wear.  In addition, the college where she used to study medicine previously had a linkage with different extremist groups. 29 men had been arrested prior to her death for several linkages with extremist activities within the college. This definitely raises the question whether the death of Raudha was a suicide or a murder.


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