Bangladesh, Other|November 13, 2017 10:59 pm

Two Aircrafts Ordered By Bangladesh Navy for Maritime Patrol


Recently, Bangladesh made headlines for their two new additional Dornier 228s for the purpose of maritime patrol mission.  According to the reports of Flight Global, the contract of new aircrafts would observe the fleet of service of the type grow to four. Meanwhile RUAG, Aviation has already signed a contract for the auction of two newly manufactured Dornier 228 aircraft to Bangladesh Navy (BN). Experts say the innovative agreement would reinforce the efforts of Bangladesh Navy to boost the naval and coast guard surveillance activities in order to make sure the safety and economic power of their nation.

The officially issued statement from RUAG Aviation also stated these two supplementary Dornier would expand the reach and survival options for SAR and natural disaster missions of Navy. As per the statement of Flight Fleets Analyzer, Bangladeshi Navy’s two in service Dornier 228’s had been purchased in 2011 which had been delivered in the year of 2013 and both serve as Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA). It also could operate to Leonardo Helicopters AW109Es and presently has orders for two Harbin Z-9 rotorcrafts.

The Regional Sales Manager of RUAG Aviation, Thomas Imke remarked that Bangladeshi Navy is looking to expand their outreach in the seas and therefore they have ordered the Dornier 228 from their first purchase of two new production models in the year of 2011. The reason behind choosing the Dornier 228 is its outstanding performance and operational compensation to the countries in order to safeguard their possessions and coastlines. RUAG Aviation is a leading integrator of organism and mechanism, support provider and supplier for military and civil aviation globally.

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