India, Other|November 10, 2017 1:55 am

Woman Biker from Hyderabad Dies In Car Crash, Mother Claims Pre-Planned Murder


A day after the death of cross-country woman biker Sana Iqbal, her mother claims it as a pre-planned murder and points out to her husband for being involved within the case. Her mother alleged that the whole incident has been depicted as a road accident, but it is actually previously planned.

The cross-country woman biker Sana Iqbal (29) was on a solo expedition in order to raise awareness regarding depression and suicide. Her husband Abdul Nadeem has also received minor injuries in the accident.  According to the statement of the police, Nadeem and Sana were heading towards their house located in the Tolichowki area of Hyderabad.

As per Police’s statement, Nadeem was driving the car and suddenly lost his control and the car rammed the median on the Outer Ring Road of Hyderabad. Later a case has been registered on the charge for causing death by negligence as per the Indian Penal Code. Sana’s mother continuously claimed that the whole incident has been portrayed as an accident. He had planned it in such a way that it would look like a road accident, however, it is actually a cold-blooded murder.  The plot of the murder has been previously arranged.

Vishwa Prasad, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Madhapur zone) remarked that her husband also has received severe injuries after hitting the median and turned turtle. The Police are likely to verify the accuracy of those allegations made by Sana’s mother.  A suspicious message sent by Sana has twisted the incident, where she wrote that her life was in danger and in case something happens, her husband and in-laws would be responsible for her death.


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