Bangladesh, Other|November 8, 2017 12:57 am

Young Bangla Plays Crucial Part To Form Digital Bangladesh


Young Bangla has become a popular youth platform of the NGO Centre for Research and Information (CRI) that has been playing a crucial role in the promotion of the initiative of Digital Bangladesh through innovative ideas, usage of technology and positive thinking. The slogan of Digital Bangladesh had been prompted in the envision 2021 political manifesto of the Bangladesh Awami League before winning the general elections in 2008. In order to meet the electoral manifesto of Bangladesh Awami League the platform has offered numerous unique ideas and collaborated with various departments of ICT, software giants like Microsoft Inc’s Bangladesh chapter and many others.

Young Bangla has revealed itself as a progressive platform for the youths which had been founded in the year of 2012. It had offered a platform to the young change makers across the country to take it to a whole new level. Young Bangla aims to enhance the productivity in various sectors and lead the country to progress and fighting with poverty. The programme also trying to make Bangladesh emerge as an upper middle-income country in future. One of the conveners of Young Bangla, Nahim Razzaq remarked that Young Bangla is planning several developments toencourage the young generation in order to build a prosperous nation.

The executive director of CRI, Sabbir Bin Shams, told that the Joy Bangla Youth Award was only a reward for a good deed; it indicates an encouragement for the young people to be more creative and do something. He also added that this way Young Bangla is helping the young people to get inspired and make a better Bangladesh in future.

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