Bangladesh, Other|December 4, 2017 2:12 am

Agitated Crowd Vandalized Hindu Village in Bangladesh for Prophet Mohammed Defamation


A group of the agitated crowd turned violent in connection to a Facebook post and vandalised everything across a Hindu village located in Bangladesh.  The mishap took place on November 17.  According to the report of a Bangladeshi media outlet, the incident was originated from a post spread across the internet that was related to Prophet Mohammed.  In order to manage the situation, the police opened fire and that took a life, unfortunately.  The agitated crowd had entered in the Hindu village and started incinerating the houses there.

As per the reports, the goons had set fire to about thirty houses before the police force arrived there.  The controversial Facebook post was reportedly posted by one of the villagers who had now escaped from the village and living somewhere else.  When asked, the mobs also clarified that the suspect had posted some inappropriate content upon the social networking website defaming Prophet Mohammed. Soon after it was made online, the post became viral and spread widely. This incident had hurt their religious sentiments and they decided to attack the neighbouring Hindu village.

Soon after the initiation, a group of agitated goons had entered the village and started vandalizing the entire neighbourhood. Police had to open fire rubber bullets and tear gas shells in order to get the control upon the situation.  Six individuals had received bullet injuries and taken to Rangpur Medical College Hospital. Later, the angry crowd had blocked-up the Rangpur-Dinajpur highway to show their rage against the police attack. It caused a sudden pause in the vehicular moment for hours in the afternoon.

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