Pakistan, U.S|December 6, 2017 1:30 am

An Initiative to Keep Alive the Culinary Tradition in Little Pakistan


American-Pakistani women have taken a unique initiative in order to keep their cooking practice alive in a tax office, which is located on Coney Island Avenue. On weekdays, usually Bibi Jan Corp remains busy by South Asian men asking various advices on different issues of taxation and immigration, but during the weekends, the place is usually transformed into a make-shift kitchen. The place is filled with women of different ages and there they learn to cook desi foods.  The primary idea behind the initiative is not to master the south Indian cuisine but to promote a healthy and budget-conscious cooking.

There are also different classes ranging from Islamic instruction to stitching to beauty tips that are being conducted under the same roof. They also focus on different womanly subjects like management of a house, the tactics of home economics there.  It would be significant to admit that the founder of the centre, Bazah Roohi could be described as a creative woman with an amazing personality, who dreams about Pakistani women to become self-contained and keep the tradition and charms alive of their subcontinent.

Bazah Roohi is an IRS-certified tax preparer by day; she often has to carry on her work six days a week throughout the height of tax season. During the summer, she tries to organize such classes through her small public charity named the American Council of Minority Women. The woman had been successful to arrange a space for the women of her country, where they could live and experience a feeling of a community.  Now a day, the classes are being attended by most of the women from the community and the initiative of Roohi seemed to follow the path of success in future.


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