India, Other|December 6, 2017 11:25 pm

Former Tech Firm Staffer Accused of 50 Brutal Rapes


According to the statements of the city police, a 28-year-old ex-worker of a software company had been arrested on various charges of robbery and brutal rapes. They also informed that human-like creature had sexually assaulted up to 50 ladies across the regions of Chennai. Presently, the Investigators have started their hunts upon the crimes of Madhan Arivalagan, a resident of Mathur in Krishnagiri district. The suspected person was about to be taken in for an inquiry in connection with a mugging incident and when the police inspected his cellphone, they were stunned by stuff recorded on the device.

An investigating officer remarked Madhan Arivalagan used to trap women alone at home and torture them. He also informed that he used to record all these acts on his cell phones and in several cases; he tried to threaten those persons by showing the recorded footage and repeatedly continued torturing. The police had received numerous complaints against Madhan Arivalagan and they hope to register more against him.  One of the police officers remarked that there were many women out there, who would prefer to shut their mouths and never head towards the police station to charge him.

The investigators informed that the suspect is a BSc (Maths) graduate from a Krishnagiri college. Earlier, he had worked for a software firm for a couple of years that was located in Bengaluru. Later, he shifted his base to Chennai in the year of 2015.  The investigating officer remarked that the suspect had stated that he was in search of a job in the township, however, couldn’t manage an appropriate work for him, this insecure lifestyle made him choose the path of robbery, theft and other crimes.


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