Bangladesh, Other|December 6, 2017 2:29 am

Govt Schools from Dhaka Falling Prey to Land Grabbing Issue


As per the latest reports, near about twelve government primary schools along with illegally built houses and markets across Dhaka are detained by wealthy land grabbers of the area. They have taken the control of all the properties there.  According to reliable sources, the goons were enlisted on a list of 23 schools made by the Standing Committee on Ministry of Primary and Mass Education in the year of 2014.  According to a prolonged inspection by Bangla Tribune claims, the land that supposed to be in the captivity of the listed schools that have been still occupied by influential goons and locals.

It would be significant to admit that the District Primary Education Office of Dhaka has suggested a number of recommendations regarding a timely action against the people, who have illegally put up buildings on school properties. However, the pity is none of the officials seemed to be concerned to take an action. Shaheen Government Primary School, situated in the Mohammadpur area of the capital has lost 85% of its property due to illegal occupiers. In addition, the land grabbers are building residential area adjacent to the school.

Mahfuza Ahmed, the Headmistress of Shaheen School remarked the case is very complex and probably there is no solution in reality.  She also remarked that a large number of illegal occupiers belong to the non-Bengali community.  The government couldn’t be able to return the occupied land of the school unless they are not rehabilitated.  If they’re allowed to take over the entire school, they wouldn’t think even for a second before doing that. The irony is it is not the only one, but there are at least 10 more schools that are presently facing the same situation.


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