Bangladesh, Other|December 5, 2017 2:22 am

Hacking Murder Suspect Arrested By Bangladesh Police


Recently, the Bangladesh Police have captured a suspected Islamist militant; who might have a connection with the hacking death of a U.S. based blogger.  The suspected militant had been taken into the custody for further investigation on the matter. The blogger victim from the United States used to write about religious extremism and superstitions that might have enraged the hardliners.

Masudur Rahman, the Deputy Police commissioner remarked that 24-year-old Arafat Rahman had been arrested. Rahman might have a connection in the machete attack on Avijit Roy and his wife that took place in the year of 2015,

He also remarked that Mr. Roy died at the spot and Mrs. Roy had received severe injuries on their way back home from a book fair in Dhaka.  According to the statement of the police, the suspect is to be an active member of Al Qaeda inspired group named as Ansarullah Bangla Team.

The organization had been pointed out for different attacks across the township. A restaurant located in the heart of the city was the victim of a deadly attack in the year of 2016. 22 people had lost their lives and most of the victims were foreigners.

According to the reports, the Police remarked that they had arrested the victim after properly monitoring the footage from the CCTV. They told that he had been trapped by officers from the counterterrorism police unit within the periphery of the capital on November 24. The senior police officer, Mr Rahman remarked that they had conducted the primary interrogation and the victim had confessed his involvement in the attack of four secular activists.

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