Automotive|December 7, 2017 2:37 am

Honda to Recall Millions of Vehicles to Inspect or Replace Faulty Airbags


Japanese auto giant Honda Motor is now planning to recall many of its vehicles for further inspection or replacement of poorly installed airbags. The company may recall 646 vehicles.

According to the company, the Takata airbags might have been installed improperly. The recall is expected to affect the passenger-side airbags. However, the automaker refused to mention how many additional cars it may consider recalling but said that the number is very small.

Honda Motors has already sent notifications to all its authorized dealers and other sellers about the extended recalls. It has also notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and is waiting for a response. Other Honda models affected due to recalls in the past are 2006-11 Civic, 2007-11 CR-V, 2008-12 Accord, 2009-12 Pilot, 2009-12 Fit, 2010-12 Crosstour and 2010-12 Insight. The recent recall may include another Honda model yet to be mentioned.

According to a company source, they are planning to recall some of its vehicles because technicians have installed inflators improperly. The improper instalment of the inflators in the dashboard can prevent passengers from using the airbags during a crash. However, the company also added that no injuries or casualties have been reported due to failed deployments of airbags.

Nearly 11.4 million Honda vehicles have been recalled due to faulty airbags in the United States alone. According to a source, Honda Motors may recall 5.1 million vehicles in coming days. Though no injuries or death due to improperly installed airbags have been reported in the U.S., the faulty Takata airbags caused at least 18 deaths and nearly 200 injuries across the globe and the issue compelled 19 major automakers to recall more than 42 million vehicles in the past.


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