India, Political|December 6, 2017 11:20 pm

Indian Congress Likely To Resolve the Matter of Presidency on December 5


According to the sources, the working committee of Indian Congress is likely to resolve the issue of Presidency and planning to make Rahul Gandhi, the President of the party.  The notification would be issued on December 1, the nominations could be filed up to the December 4, and the final date of withdrawal is December 11.  The votes would be counted three days after the election on December 19.  In case, no competition takes place, the vice president of the party, Rahul would be elevated on the same day of scrutiny on December 5.

The declaration had been made by the Congress working committee following a meeting on November 20.  It would be relevant to admit that the 47-year-old politician had previously specified his eagerness to take over the mantle of Congress presidency from his mother, Sonia Gandhi.  However, he had said that the party is required to reach a final decision on the issue.

According to the experts, the internal assessment of Rahul’s elevation could help the Indian Congress in Gujarat assembly election that is likely to take place on December 9 and 14.  Rahul had been appointed as the Vice President of the party in Jaipur in the year of 2013.

A party leader, who had been involved in the campaign for the Gujarat remarked that they hope to acquire more public space and the campaign of Raul Gandhi as the Congress President would affect the population with the big shake.  The party people are planning to acquire the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a sudden blow of Rahul.  Time will tell if this move can bring Congress’ glory back to the prime.


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