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More Than 500 Pakistani Delegates Joined a Nationwide Robotic Seminar


The International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) with the collaboration of the Institute of Professional Development (IPD) and Dubai-based RoboTami organized a seminar on robotic technology at Faisal Masjid in Islamabad where the organizers announced that a Korean company has agreed to provide two complementary robotic labs. IIUI and the Dubai-based company RoboTami has also agreed include the subject of robotics in the curriculum of IIUI schools across Pakistan. They also displayed a number of robotic products in the seminar.
The organizers also arranged some training sessions for teachers, where they were trained on how to use robotic technology in the curriculum of IIUI schools. Robotic experts and enthusiasts from counties like UAE, Korea, Philippines and New Zealand participated in the seminar and share their experience and thoughts with other participants and visitors.
More than 500 teachers, students and experts joined the day-long seminar. Pakistani delegates including students and enthusiasts came from the Faculty of Basic and Applied Sciences (FBAS), Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FET) and several schools and colleges.
The acting president of IIUI, Professor Muhammad Bashir, who also attended the seminar thanked the Institute of Professional Development (IPD) and RoboTami for bringing the concept to Pakistan and encourage Pakistani students to grow interest about robotic technology.
The use of robotic technology in schools and colleges has been growing rapidly across the world. In most of the developed countries like the US, Canada, Japan and the UK, students can enjoy curriculums, where they can pursue courses on robotic technology. Likewise, the organizers believe that such seminars will raise awareness about the development and use of robotic technology in educational institutions in Pakistan.


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