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Mozilla Terminated Yahoo Deal and Made Google Default Search Engine Again

source: www.img.youtube.com

Mozilla has made Google its default search engine again, as with the introduction of new Firefox Quantum, Mozilla has prioritized the top-ranked search engine again. The change is believed to be the most important update, the browser has made in recent years. According to tech experts, users in the U.S., Canada, Taiwan and Hong Kong will find the latest version of Firefox faster and lighter.

The previous default search engine for Firefox users was Yahoo, as Mozilla signed a deal with the company in 2014. However, the deal cost the browser a lot as a noticeable number of users decided to turn down Firefox. Keeping user’s best interest in mind, Mozilla developed Firefox Quantum, which is also known as Firefox 57. It seems that the company has made effort to address its previous mistakes that irked its users.

In 2014, when Mozilla signed the agreement with Yahoo and said that Yahoo is now the default search engine in Firefox and will remain for the next five years. However, Mozilla now has decided to prefer Google again even much before the completion of five years. It is not known what actually happened there that forced Mozilla to break the deal in the middle of the way.

While speaking on the issue, Mozilla Chief Business and Legal Officer Denelle Dixon said that Mozilla has practised its contractual right to terminate the agreement with Yahoo. He said that the recent move is determined by a number of factors and the company has done what is best for it. He said that the company wanted to provide quality web search and greater content experience and the termination of Yahoo-deal is a part of it.

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