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Mujra Dance to Raise Funds for Pak Occupied Kashmir Stirs Controversy


We all know Pakistan is a land of uniqueness. Pakistan often appears in the headlines for their unique deeds. Recently, Pakistan again appeared on the headline for organizing a special mujra performance in London. The reason behind organizing such event is also unique. They had organized the event in order to raise funds for the endorsement of education across Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. The president of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan, had attended the event. A Pakistani media outlet 92 News has broadcasted the event, and a small video clip of the broadcast has become viral on the Internet and been shared widely.
Following this unique way, the president seemed to raise funds for the ‘Kashmir cause’. Sardar Masood Khan was an inhabitant of Islamabad and a leader of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir; it would be relevant to admit that he couldn’t be proclaimed as a factual elected representative of the citizens of the region. Elections are conducted in PoK, but that is irregular and neither it allows its people to decide freely or follow a fair path for election. The event could be described as one of the misrepresentations of Pakistani establishment regarding Kashmir.
In another incident, Maleeha Lodhi, the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations had been captured lying at the UN. She had tried to mislead by showing a picture of a Palestinian girl as an instance of declared Indian brutality and violence in Jammu and Kashmir. The event had received a mixed reaction from the people. A woman tweeted, “#PakistanKaMujra Everything is happening for money, power and to enjoy mujra. Only trying to fool ppl of the valley by calling it fundraising event.”

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