Entertainment, Pakistan|December 1, 2017 4:24 am

Pakistan Does not Value its Artists and Talents: Adnan Sami


Popular singer and musician Adnan Sami, who has been awarded Indian citizenship in 2015, recently said that there is no value for artists in Pakistan. Sami, who visited India with a Pakistani Passport, is now on the verge of completing three years of being as an Indian. Reacting to Pakistani trolls, the Bollywood singer said that Pakistani trolls are brutal for him and he has been dealing with them ever since he left the country.
Adnan Sami was born in London to a Pakistani father of Afghan origin and Kashmiri mother. While speaking about how Pakistan values its talent, Sami said that Pakistan does not care about its talent and he knows that he will get trolled for whatever he has said. The singer added that Pakistan never recognized the talent of great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan until he started collaborating with English songwriter Peter Gabriel. And that is when Pakistan started realising and recognizing the talent of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sami added.
He said that Pakistan denied his citizenship first and then he applied for Indian citizenship. He said that the government of Pakistan treated him badly and that signified how they treat their artists. He also said that since the time he was awarded Indian nationality, there has been an outrage against him in Pakistan. However, the talented musician said that he does not care about getting trolled, as people here in India have given immense love and respect.
Criticizing Pakistani artists, Sami said that they do not take time in condemning terrors attacks placed in Pakistan or any other countries in the world but resolve to remain silent when terror strikes in India.

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