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Review Of Arth- Not My Destination

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Cinema has made its way into the patriarchal society of Pakistan.  It has changed its style in the world of competitive international films.  There are some viewers across the country, who, prefer to watch the alternative style of movies.  The present scenario of world cinema reminds the young directors about their treatment, technology and much more that is required to be developed in order to compete with other cinemas.  Soon after a long wait, Arth- The Destination has been released across Pakistan on December 21. The movie has been directed by Shaan.  The plot of the story has been taken from a three-decade-old story written and directed by Mahesh Butt.

The original story had highlighted on the life and the journey of a lady who is trying to find the meaning of her life, hence the name is Arth.  The key role was depicted by Shabana Azmi as the lady and the movie recalls some greatest songs from the maestro of Ghazal, Jagjit Singh.  However, the Pakistani version has much focused on the role of Shaan and the director has mixed some spicy masala in order to drag the attention of Pakistani viewers.

Luke Rocheleau has done a great job in this film, and the cinematography is really admirable. Good music in between the scenes has helped to arrange the story effectively, and for this, the credit goes to the music director Sahir Ali Bagga.  The supporting characters also included Mohib Mirza, Uzma Hassan, Hamaima Malick and many more.  Presently, the movie is struggling to find its originality than a remake of a three-decade old tale.

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