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Teenager from Pakistan Accused of Raping a Hen


There are thousands of incidents continuously happening all across the world and only a few of them we can hear. Recently, a disgusting case in Pakistan came to the light. As per the reports, a 14-year-old Pakistani boy was accused of raping a hen. Committing sexual assaults towards animals is not something new across the regions of Pakistan. Earlier, various leaks and online scandals had revealed how some ‘sick’ people nourish their prolonged desire and a different kind of affection for their animals. Such inhuman behaviour of some people on the animals are gradually been exposed. Animals like sheep, goats, camels and the recent unfortunate hen have made this list longer.
As per the complaint of Mansab Ali, the accused person was a resident of Jalapur Bhatian police station in Hafizabad. According to his statements given to police that his neighbour Ansar Hussain had kidnapped his hen on November 11 and raped it.
An FIR had been lodged and the statement read the hen had died while being sexually assaulted by Hussain. In addition, there were two misfortunate individuals, Tufail and Nasrullah, who had witnessed the entire incident. Sarfraz Anjum, the Station House Officer remarked that the human-like creature had been taken into custody following a medical examination of the hen confirming the acquisition of sexual assault. He also remarked that in the end, Hussain had confessed to his crime. The human-like creature also had elaborated that he had done it over curiosity and sexual abnormality.
It is saddening to see that even animals are not being spared by some people who seem to be like human. It is high time that strict actions are taken against these creeps.


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