Bangladesh, Other|December 7, 2017 2:33 am

The First Ever Robot Restaurant Opened Up In Bangladesh


The 21st century can be described as the significant period of various technological advancements with the grace of science and technology. Recently, Bangladesh opened up its foremost Robot Restaurant in Dhaka. The restaurant is situated amidst the Family World Convention Center at Asad Gate, Mirpur Road.

According to the statements from the management during a press briefing on November 15, the restaurant is likely to use robots for serving their foods to the customers. The restaurant opened to the customers from November 16. HZX Electronic Technology Company from China has provided all the necessary technical support to the newly formed ‘Robot Restaurant’.

Officials from HZX Electronic Technology and the restaurant were present at the press briefing that took place in Dhaka. ,” Rahin Raiyan, the Director of the restaurant remarked that this is the first time in Bangladesh people are going to have the experience of a robot restaurant, the initiative is unique and it would attract the people to taste the eatery and experience robotic service. He also remarked that such an initiative is taken for the first time across the nation and the orders are also to be served to the customers by robots.

He also admitted later that earlier it was hectic for the waiters to serve the customers, now it would be easier with the help of robots.  In addition, the unique services would work as a source of amusement for the people of different ages, especially for the kids.  The restaurant has prepared a special kids menu for drawing the attention of the children.  On the other hand, CEO of HZX Electronic Technology, Max Schwarz remarked that they are committed to providing any kind of help and cooperation for the purpose of robot digitalization across Bangladesh.


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