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Willing to Participate at the Nationals, Unaware of the Availability of Walkovers- Sushil Kumar


Sushil Kumar, two times Olympic medallist recently remarked that he would be helpless in case his rivals wouldn’t be interested to fight him at the National Wrestling Championships. Sushil got the Gold in the category of 74 kg to become the national champion after three walkovers in the quarter-final, semi-final and final. He just had to wrestle for only two minutes and twenty-seven seconds in the same.  Following the glorious victory, Sushil had remarked in a statement, the wrestlers had shown him respect however he was prepared to fight.

He also remarked that he didn’t think that they shouldn’t offer him the walkover as well.  Every participant in the event had shown the respect to him and that is a good thing to know.  He also expressed his happiness over the matter.  When he was in the final, he wanted to wrestle and looking forward to that.  He had no whereabouts by when it would happen in reality.  It would be relevant to admit that in the first round Sushil had been trapped in a headlock and that lasted for just 48 seconds.

In the second bout against Jharkhand’s Mukul Mishra, Sushil had been able to pin the junior wrestler within 1 minute and 39 seconds. Sachin Rathi of Uttar Pradesh, Praveen of Haryana, and Praveen Rana of Railways also accepted their walkovers against him. They touched his feet for his blessings and showed respect after handing him walkovers. While discussing walkovers, Sushil stated, whenever he feels fit, it tries to participate in competitions. He was well prepared in the previous year as well, however, couldn’t able to wrestle because of a situation.

Whatever has happened may not be illegal, but it is certainly not right in terms of sporting spirit.

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