Bangladesh, Other|January 7, 2018 3:13 am

$510 for Bangladesh to Develop the Construction of Secondary Education for 13 Million Students


According to the recent statement of World Bank, an approximate of 13 million students between grade 6 and 12 are likely to acquire benefits from Transforming Secondary Education for Results programme of World Bank.  The programme is aiming at the development of the learning and the quality of teaching. The agenda is to expand the accessibility of education throughout the region, especially to the girls and children from the underprivileged households in remote areas. The programme would also highlight different issues regarding the school curriculums and try to modernize it through the development.

In addition, the program also includes learning assessments and the reformation of examinations.  The World Bank had started their support in favour of secondary education in the year of 1993 with the help of a stipend project that remarkably increased the involvement of girls at that time. Qimao Fan, the Country Director of World Bank for Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal remarked that Bangladesh is one of the low middle-income countries to attain the gender parity in secondary education.  Their next challenge is to develop the quality of education and ensuring all the children to the access to education.

The World Bank has informed there are lots of issues regarding the secondary education system of Bangladesh. A few numbers of students, approximately lesser than 70 percent of the primary school students continue to secondary education and less than 60 percent student seemed to continue their studies till class 10. Moreover, the World Bank also reported that a large number of students couldn’t reach up to the necessary standards in vital subjects like English, Mathematics and Bengali.

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