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Actor Shakib Khan Likely To End His Marriage with Apu Biswas

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According to the statements of Film producer Mohammad Iqbal who is recognized as one of the closest to actor Shakib Khan, remarked that a letter had been sent to Apu from the lawyer of Shakib that says the actor seek a divorce.  The news became viral soon after the remarks of Mohammad Iqbal on December 11.

Presently, Shakib Khan is busy shooting in India. He also informed that he had called and spoke to him over the phone and then Khan had confirmed that he had sent the notice to her. Iqbal also remarked that he got several calls from the journalists since December 11 regarding the matter, then he had decided to ask him whether it was true and he just confirmed it.

When asked about the notice to the actor’s lawyer, he stated that the letter had been sent a month ago. Counsel Sheikh Sirajul Islam informed that the divorce letter had been forwarded on November 22. Shakib and Apu could not be reached for further comments as they have refused to receive calls in this situation.

For over a couple of months, rumours could have been heard regarding the separation of the couple. In an interview, Apu Biswas had clarified that they had been tied in a knot for a long time, she had to convert in order to get married and now they own a kid as well. She had refused all previous claims and sickened with these rumours. She also accused media houses of preparing different gossip stories based on cheap rumours on the stars. Shakib and Apu had made their first appearance in ‘Koti Takar Kabin’ in 2006.


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