Bangladesh, Other|January 27, 2018 11:52 pm

Bangladesh Keeping An Eye On The Withdrawal Of French-Made Lactalis Milk Products


The government of Bangladesh has been keeping an eye on the extraction of French-made Lactalis infant milk products from market shelves across the country.  The decision has been taken behalf of the Government after the product found to have been contaminated with bacteria in recent past.

According to the statements of a senior official of Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA), JS International, the distributor and local importer of the France brand in Bangladesh was accused of selling contaminated milk products in recent past. Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) also informed that JS International has already started withdrawing their products from the supermarket shelves of Bangladesh.  One of the officials remarked that the aim of severe monitoring in the withdrawal process is to confirm the complete absence from the market. It also added that the aim of such a strict monitoring is to completely eliminate the product from the market shelves.

The decision of the sudden withdrawal came after the salmonella scandal at French company Lactalis has degraded their image across the nation. Lactalis baby milk formula, Baby Care MF, Baby Care 3, Picot, Milumel and Celia Brand have reportedly been found with salmonella. In the latest announcement, the French dairy giant has promised to withdraw 12 million boxes of powdered baby milk from the supermarket shelves from 83 countries counting Bangladesh. The reputation of the French organization has also been tarnished due to the scandal.  The organization is also blamed for hiding the issue of a salmonella outbreak at a plant while preparing the product. The news has created a widespread buzz across the land of Bangladesh. The scandal has again triggered the issue of food safety across the nation.


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