Pakistan, Sports|January 28, 2018 5:53 am

Captain of Pakistan’s National Football Team Shared Her Experience of Being a Woman Footballer in the Country


The captain of Pakistan national women’s football team has recently shared her experience of being a women footballer in Pakistan and how she overcame all the odds to gain excellence in the male-dominated sport. The 24-year-old footballer said that it was not easy for her to nurture the dream of becoming a footballer. However, she also stressed on how his family and friends extended their support to her.

The Karachi-born footballer said that it has been a tough journey for her to become a footballer in Pakistan. She said that defeating all odds, she finally has been able to prove that a Pakistani woman can do the same as the man in the field. She has been on the team since 2009 and was appointed as the captain of women national team in 2014.

She said that she wants to do what Kaleem Ullah has done for Pakistan and wants to prove there is no scarcity of talent in Pakistan. She also hinted about her dream of playing in the foreign clubs and said that playing for a European club has always been her dream.

While speaking about the growth of women in sports in Pakistan, she said that she wants to play a major role in the development of sports for women in Pakistan. She added that things are getting better in Pakistan, as more and more women are showing interest in different sports.

She also lamented on the status of football in Pakistan and said that the game of football in this country is going through a difficult phase. However, she added that more and more people are coming forward to promote the sport across the country and everyone is hopeful for a promising future for the game here in Pakistan.



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