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Causes behind the Downfall of Sri Lankan Football

Sri Lankan Football এর ছবি ফলাফল


Sri Lanka has hit the lowest ebb in the history of football.  According to the latest report, the island country just appeared on 200th position in FIFA rankings and there are only 11 nations behind them.  It is not clear whether under strange circumstances or by insanity the FIFA has decided to turn their rank upside down, in case it is true then the officials from Football Federation of Sri Lanka (FFSL) and the fans would reach to the moon.  In reality, Sri Lanka ought to achieve 12th position in the global ranking; however the reality is something different than the tale.

The Sri Lanka football team haven’t appeared to play any international match since November 2016 and as an outcome their international rank has reached up to 78, which is the lowest ebb in the history of Sri Lankan football.  If one digs into the matter, it would be clear that the present debacle of Sri Lanka in football has not occurred overnight.  The downfall had begun after 2014 and gradually the international ranking of Sri Lanka fell down from 170s to 195, thereafter to 198 and presently the rank has reached to 200.

Some people blames it upon the administrative effects and compares them with the players from their neighbouring country India, admitting both of them are on a similar platform but agree the ranking itself shows the situation.  Sri Lanka has acquired the 105th position in the international FIFA ranking in the year of 1952, whereas presently it has reached to the lowest position at 200th. Earlier, the scenario was much better and the country has acquired a remarkable position in sports.  In recent years, the nation has hardly got an opportunity to play international competitions.

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