Bangladesh, Entertainment|January 4, 2018 2:54 am

Chirkutt To Release the Theme Song for A Clean Nation


According to a press release, a theme song from “Dettol-Channel i Porichchonno Bangladesh” has recently been launched across Bangladesh and it has found to be widely successful with its unique approach for the 46th Victory Day of Bangladesh. The theme song titled “Mon Shundor Jar, Shei Rakhe Desh Porishkar” has created a buzz across the land. The theme song has been performed by renowned Bangladeshi band Chirkutt and the newly composed song is aimed at raising awareness of the common people to keep their motherland dirt-free. The song has been released on the official Facebook page of Dettol-Channel i Porichchonno Bangladesh on the celebration of Victory Day.

Marketing Director of Reckitt Benckiser, Syed Tanzim Rezwan remarked that a massive sacrifice has been done in order to initiate for such a campaign for Bangladesh in order to keep it clean and beautiful.  Moreover, “Porichchonno Bangladesh Campaign” had been initiated at the beginning of this year.

The frontman, Sumi from Chirkutt has shared her views and remarked that they have been very pleased and encouraged to sing for such an initiative. The song is a wakeup call to keep the motherland clean and beautiful. They are hopeful that public of Bangladesh would love this song and get inspired in order to become aware and preserve the hygiene in their neighbourhood. She also remarked that this campaign would help to achieve its vision through the release of the theme song on a social networking platform like Facebook. It would help to spread awareness regarding health and hygiene among 8 billion people through the help of social networking platforms and mass media.


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