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Delhi High Court Judge To Head New SIT In 1984 Anti-Sikh Riot Case

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In the latest verdict announced by Shiv Narayan Dhingra, the Delhi High Court judge on January 11, the responsibility on the instructions of the Supreme Court of India to re-investigate 186 anti-Sikh riot cases from 1984 was assigned to head the new three-member Special Investigation Team (SIT) that was formed on January 10. Serving IPS officer Abhishek Dular and retired IPS officer Rajdeep Singh would be employed as the other two members of the Special Investigation Team. The Special Investigation Team has been asked by the Supreme Court of India to provide a status report within the deadline of two months and the hearing of the case is scheduled on March 19.

Justice Dhingra had conducted the trial of anti-Sikh insurrection cases counting the case of H K L Bhagat as a sessions Judge in Karkardooma court in Delhi. SC remarked on January 10 that it would hand over about 186 anti-Sikh insurrection cases from 1984 to the newly formed Special Investigation Team (SIT).  The Supreme Court of India initiated this observation following a report on the SIT investigation into the cases of 1984 Sikh insurrection from two retired SC judges.

During the time of forming the Special Investigation Team in 2014, a sum of 293 Sikh insurrection cases was handed over. The team was to investigate the requirement of a further analysis of them.  Previously, the Supreme Court took on record the concluding statement submitted by a managerial body, who was appointed by to come across the closure of 241 insurrection cases from 1984.  In a statement, the Centre had earlier clarified that closure reports were filed in 241 from that 250 cases investigated by the Special Investigation Team.

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