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Farah Yasmeen Sheikh on the Life of Nur Jahan

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The glorious past of the Mughal era once again came out with the golden touch of amazing classical dancer and kathakar, Pakistani American Farah Yasmeen Sheikh.  There are a number of stories that could be found in the history that reveal numerous facts and an image about the previous days.  The Forgotten Empress is a well-researched script regarding the powerful Mughal Empress, Nur Jahan, written by an American play writer Matthew Spangler. It is a dynamic dance drama that depicts the history of the glorious past.  The dance drama has been performed at Habib University with an aim of fundraising for the Habib University Foundation and Murshid Hospital and Health Care Centre.

The dance drama, The Forgotten Empress highlighted a few interesting facts from the pages of history that unluckily are not an element of our common discussion.

Matthew Spangler also wrote plays like “The Kite Runner” to his credit that narrates a tale about Mughal emperor Jahangir and Empress Nur Jahan. The audience was spellbound with the dance drama on the life of Mughal Empress Nur Jahan performed by California-based kathak dancer Farah Yasmeen Sheikh.

The Forgotten Empress depicts a tale of a journey of Mehrunnisa who was born in the 1600s in a refugee camp and continued her journey to become the Mughal Empress Nur Jahan and to establish her supremacy upon ‘one-third of the world’s population.’ The dance drama highlighted different periods like childhood, her journey to South Asia and the climax, where Emperor Jahangir (Saleem) had rescued her from Quli Khan and renamed as Nur Jahan.  The entire production of the dance drama was knitted properly, that was released in November in Lahore and received good reviews.

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