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Four Chinese Nationals Arrested In Connection With ATM Skimming Fraud

source: www.i.dawn.com

Four Chinese nationals had been arrested on suspicion of ATM skimming on January 14.  The arrest had been made in connection with an organized gang behind a major electronic bank fraud in the township of Karachi.  According to the statement of the police, three men had been caught red-handed while initiating installation of a skimming device on an ATM in the upscale Defence Housing Authority (DHA) locality on January 14.  The police had also arrested another individual linked with a similar incident from the Tipu Sultan Road area.

Clifton Asad Aijaz, the Superintendent of Police (SP) remarked that a skimming device had been recovered from the arrested suspects.  The police have also recovered 2.3 million rupees that had been stolen from the ATMs of different banks.  The senior police official also remarked that two offenders had managed to escape from the spot.  The police immediately began an investigation with two arrested foreigners. They also discovered over 150 ATM cards from them. Soon after, they managed to catch the fourth suspect and presently, he is undergoing investigations. SP Aijaz also remarked that these suspects were not just mere individuals but they all belong to one organized gang.

He further added that the suspected foreigners had entered the country on legal business visas. Earlier, on the same day, police have arrested another Chinese National for his connection to ATM skimming fraud.  The police also added that a skimming device together with Rs. 0.65 Million had been seized from the foreigner. The police also added that they had made two arrests on January 10.  It was being reported that the gang was conducting rounds across different ATM booths of the township.

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