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Hilsa Export Ban Lifted By Bangladesh Government


It was indeed a wonderful moment for the Bengalis when the Government of Bangladesh has lifted the 2012 ban on the export of its national fish Hilsa on January 8.  The prohibition has been made to prevent massive smuggling of Hilsa across its key markets including India. Bangladeshi hilsa is considered as the best for its taste along with its astounding aroma. Narayon Chandra Chanda, the new fisheries and livestock minister of Bangladesh has announced the decision following the day of his charge. Earlier in 2012, the Ministry of Commerce had banned the export of Bangladesh’s hilsa on August 1. They also indicated the low availability of Hilsa behind the prohibition.

In a statement, Mr. Chanda remarked that the prohibition is found to be “largely futile” and they have decided to export Bangladeshi hilsa through its official channel in order to prevent massive smuggling.  He also added that the hilsa production had been amplified in connection to the rising demand of Bangladeshi Hilsa across the international market.  Considering these issues, they had decided to go on the exports. Earlier, a frantic campaign had been initiated by the Government of Bangladesh to protect its national fish, hilsa.

The initiation of preventing the smuggling had imposed the bar for an indefinite period in the year of 2012. The decision was a major risk for its collaborations with bordering India and several oil-rich Middle Eastern nations. Mr. Chanda also clarified that massive rate of smuggling had resulted in huge tax loss and lately, they had shown the green signal and initiated to open the path for legal trade and weaken smuggling rate at the same time.





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