India, U.S|January 5, 2018 6:03 am

Indian American Liquor Store Owners From Illinois Found Guilty In Bootlegging Scam

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According to the reports,  the Federal government has seized $1 million from a liquor store in Illinois named Columbia Liquors.  The liquor store is owned by Indian American Dipteben Patel and Shreyas Patel.  According to the report, they have been accused of supplying alcohol to other liquor stores across the state and saved paying higher state alcohol taxes surprisingly. As per the report of NWTimes, the owners had prepared a stable plan for defrauding or obtaining money by false or fraudulent pretences.  The prosecutors also alleged that they tried to stock liquors from three Indiana distributors and sold it for cash to liquor stores across the south suburbs of Illinois as the liquor taxes were much higher there.

While announcing the federal complaint, Orest Szewciw, the Assistant U.S. Attorney remarked that Patels had purchased large quantities of liquor and sold them in seventeen different Illinois liquor shop, of which at least five shops were owned by them. This way, Patels had deprived the State of Illinois of excise and sales taxes to which it was entitled.  The complaint also added that by selling the liquor through unlawful exercise, Patels had managed to gain big profits.

The court documents also revealed that Patels had operated a “front door register” with an aim of legitimate retail sales and another “backdoor register” for continuing their sales to Illinois liquor shops. The “front door register” made a business of average of $1,570.12 per day, and the “back door register” have found to bring in about $42,347.76 daily. The attorney, Glenn Seiden has remarked that they used to run an illegal business and earned a huge profit from their business.


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