India, U.S|January 31, 2018 1:30 am

Indian American Student Receiving Threats for Objecting Description Criticizing Trumps


Indian American student Neetu Chandak, who appeared on the TV show “Fox and Friends”, claimed that the broadcast led to harassment on campus. In that TV show, undergraduate student Shandak objected to a course description that virtually criticizes the US President Donald Trump and glorifies the act of former President Barrack Obama.
In an essay, the Indian American student wrote that since her visit to the TV show, she has constantly been receiving threats and now she has become a subject of harassment. She also wrote as saying that she even sought therapy to get rid of the situation and now the condition has become worse than ever.
While sharing her experience and the consequences she faced after attending the TV show, Chandak said that as a college student, here it is very difficult to share conservative views with others. She said that she has become a subject of personal attack. She said that she did not attend the show to express her support or to defame any particular person, but tried to show the injustice in comparing eight years of Obama’s tenure with Donald Trump’s 100 days.
However, she wrote in her essay that she was expected disagreement over her speech on the issues, but she was not prepared for name-calling and threats to her safety. Chandak was named as Miss Upstate New York’s Outstanding Teen in 2013 and won the competition of Miss Seneca Falls in 2016.
She added that she is not alone in the college to nurture such views on the issue, as there are many students who think in a similar way but scare to express their belief in public in the fear of suffering isolation and threats to physical safety.

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