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Indian Captain Lost the Series and Temperament as Well in South Africa

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Apart from his magnificent batting, there is something we always expect from the Indian captain Virat Kohli. It is probably his over expressive attitude that attracts us a lot in the field. This way of expression has put Virat Kohli in trouble during the second test match between South Africa and India, where match referee slapped disciplinary charges on the Indian captain.

Such incident has become common during India-South Africa bilateral series, where the Indian captain was caught in the act on several occasions. India lost the second Test match and the series as well on Wednesday, January 17 and a sharp exchange was also followed between Kohli and the reporters during the post-match interview.

Indian captain Kohli fumed over a question thrown by a reporter at the post-match interview. One of the journalists asked Kohli about India’s poor overseas performance, especially in such big series. In reply, Kohli threw another question to the reporter asking him to name the best team if it was so easy. He asked the reporter to name the best 11 and he will play that.

India visited South Africa as the number one side, but its weakness of playing in the fast and bouncy surface has been exposed again. The number one team in the world lost two back-to-back test matches without showing any intensity of resistance against fiery South African pace attack.

Kohli, however, has not targeted any individual player for the series defeat and he even did not hesitate to praise his opponent. He also admitted that his team had to work harder to win matches. The Indian team management may consider making some changes in the team for the last test match in the series as they have done in the first two matches.


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