Bangladesh, Other|January 31, 2018 11:42 pm

Japanese Resident Arrested At Bangladesh’s Airport In Connection With Gold Smuggling, 11 Kg Gold Bars Discovered


The Customs officials at Bangladesh’s main airport have captured a Japanese National in connection with carrying gold bars with him.  The officials have reported the gold bars were weighing about 11 kg and that has already been seized from that Japanese national in Dhaka.  An official from the airport also informed that the Japanese resident had arrived there through a local Regent Airways flight from Singapore on January 13. A senior customs official, Saidul Islam remarked that his arrival was previously hinted.

He also clarified to the journalists that the Japanese resident has been recognized as Kengo Shibata and he had been kept in detainment together with the gold bars. Saidul Islam also added that the smuggled gold bars cost about 55 million takas (about 662,650 U.S. dollars) on January 13.

The suspicious man had been detained whilst he was crossing the green channel at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport located in capital Dhaka at around 12:40 a.m.  The officials previously kept an eye on him for his suspicious appearance. When he was searched, the officials discovered the gold bars, a piece weighing one kg.

According to the official statement, Kengo Shibata would be handed over to the police.  While investigating the incident, sources informed organized gangs of local smugglers maintain a close tie with their foreign mafias. They have been using Bangladesh as a safe transit for unlawful transportation of gold, contraband drug, medicines and foreign currencies.  The rising incidents of smuggling had been earlier reported and the customs officers also received a clue from their sources as well.


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