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Jemima Khan Likely To Visit Pakistan in the Next Year

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Jemima Khan, the ex-wife of Imran Khan is well-recognized among the Pakistanis. Earlier, both of them have appeared on different headlines.  Recently, the name of Jemima Khan again emerged on the headlines whilst the public was waiting for the verdict on Imran Khan.  According to the latest reports, Jemima Khan is likely to visit Pakistan in 2018.  The report mentioned that guitarist Salman Ahmed has invited her to visit Pakistan in 2018.  The report also reveals that she has accepted to invitation and willing to visit the nation after a long time about 15 years.

The news has become viral following his announcement of producing a Broadway-style show that would pay tribute to Junoon together with Vital Signs, Zoheb and Nazia. The Sayonee hitmaker also remarked that he had discussed with many people like Zoheb, JJ’s SON, Momina Mustehsan, Irtassh and Asimm Azhar.  The event is aimed at showcasing the rich musical heritage of Pakistani superstars.  Soon after the discussion, the news became viral on the Internet and different social networking sites.  Presently, Pakistani fans are eagerly waiting for the event to be organized in Pakistan.

While asked about the event, Salman shared his concerns and remarked that he was trying to speak to Rohail Hyatt, Ali Azmat, Shahi Hasan and Brian O’Colonell to come to the event. He is willing to bring all artists together and make a celebration for 2018.  He also remarked, he would be reaching out to his Junooni friends in order to spread ‘Vital Junoon’ among its fans.  Few independent media also helped to spread rumours about the arrival of Jemima along with him and despite any official confirmation, people are now eagerly waiting for her.

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