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Kashmiri Man Attacked In Bengaluru for Not Replying In Kannada

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According to the reports, a group of pro-Kannada activists in Bengaluru has assaulted a student along with his brother from Jammu and Kashmir.  While speaking to the journalists, the student reported that the unidentified men were drunk and questioned something in their regional language, Kannada. Being outsiders, they could not make out their language and instruction and when they could not reply in Kannada, the group had attacked them and beat them black and blue.

The mishap had taken place on December 11 near Sanjay Nagar police station. They were waiting near a car when this incident took place. They immediately dialled the police and they reached the spot within minutes. Two people from the group had been arrested from the spot. Later, the offenders have been identified as Mahesh and Harish. He also informed that the men were drunk and asked them to talk in Kannada. They were out of control and people like them could be spotted everywhere.  Soon after the incident, the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti tweeted, “Very disturbed by the news of 2 brothers from Kashmir being assaulted in Bengaluru. I would urge the authorities to take strict action against the accused.”

The Kashmiri student used to live in the city for four years and his experience is almost good in the city. The police also cooperated with them and arrested the men within half an hour. While discussing the matter, one of the police officers remarked, they did not wish a case to be filed, but they have already registered a case and arrested two people in connection with the case.

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