India, Other|January 6, 2018 4:10 am

Kissing Competition Organized By Indian Lawmaker in Order to Combat Divorce Rate


The name of Pankur district located in the regions of Jharkhand, India has appeared on the headlines for organizing a taboo event ‘kissing in public’.  The event had been organized in order to celebrate romance and love among the couple and to overcome the divorce rate across the region.  More than 18 odd tribal couples had initiated to take part in the event and locked lips in front of thousands of people in Dumaria village in a never-seen-before competition.  The village, where the event was organized is situated at a distance of around 321 km from state capital Ranchi.

The entire idea was initiated by a legislator from Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM) named Simon Marandi. He remarked that it was an idea to check rising incidents of divorce and differences in between couples across the tribal community there. While discussing different aspects, the legislator remarked, the tribal community is innocent and less educated, which is affecting their social structure.  In order to raise the concern on social structure and the responsibility towards their family members, the event had been initiated.

Marandi had retained the Littipara assembly seat during by-election that held in April 2017.  He also remarked that such an initiation would help to tighten the bond in between a couple in the tribal community.  Marandi has also initiated an annual fair, commonly recognized as Dumaria Mela in the native village for about 37 years.  Different events like tribal dance, archery and running competitions are being organised during the fair.  The kissing competition has been organized for the first time on December 15 and ended on December 16.

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