Bangladesh, Other|January 6, 2018 3:09 am

Major Portion of Bangladeshi Children Are Victims of Second-Hand Smoke


It was 2013 when Bangladesh outlawed smoking in public places for the first time. Recently, a survey was conducted by the initiation of throughout the schools in Dhaka.  The result reveals that 95% of the schoolchildren are exposed to be affected from second-hand smoke.  Passive smoking is dangerous to human health and it contains more than 7000 chemicals that could lead to cancer.  Especially, children are in danger to the harms resulted from the smoke.  Firstly, human lungs are not meant to pump smokes and secondly, lungs remain in a developmental phase and they breathe faster than a matured human.

Children are being led to severe risks of ear infections and chest problems.  Children suffering from asthma have increased chance in terms of severity and attacks. As per the statements of the World Health Organization, about 600,000 non-smokers die annually from second-hand smoke, out of 600,000 deaths there are about 165,000 deaths seen among children. Most of the affected people suffer from respiratory infections in general. The cigarette lobby is so powerful that it is really tough to prohibit the use of cigarettes throughout the nation.

Till date, most of the Governments have got an idea about the harms of passive smoking and they have initiated to outlaw smoking in public places.  In many places from the first world, the prohibition was successful together with the public support. The rate of public smoking is reduced in reality; however, public smoking was never such an issue in the third world countries and there is a requirement of widespread initiation, mass awareness and the will to make a better tomorrow.

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