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Odisha Chief Minister Sacked Minister Over His Remarks on Brahmins


Damodar Rout, the Agricultural Minister of Odisha has been sacked by Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of Odisha in connection with his insulting remarks against the Brahmin community.  According to the statements of Naveen Patnaik to the reporters, he is against insulting remarks against any caste, creed or religion. He has been informed that one of the ministers from his ministry has made insulting remarks towards the Brahmins and following complain, he had sacked the Agricultural Minister, Damodar Rout from the Council of Ministers.

Damodar Rout is also the Vice President of Biju Janata Dal in the state.  The Chief Minister also remarked that a letter had been sent to the honourable Governor to approve the request for his discharge.  Journalists had tried to contact the Agricultural Minister but he was not available to make any comments on the same.  The remarks from Damodar Rout have created a widespread agitation among the Brahmin community for his derogatory remarks on the community at a function in Malkangiri on December 17. The veteran leader and the face of Paradip in the Assembly remarked that there are no people from the tribal community, could be seen begging on the streets however one could spot numerous Brahmins begging in different places like bus stops.

The remarks from the 75-year-old leader have triggered agitations and mixed remarks among the state and the Brahmin community there.  Protests and Dharnas were organized following the remarks from the Agricultural Minister. The image of the senior leader has been affected following his remarks on the Brahmins. Presently, the seven times MLA is facing numerous attacks in connection with his derogatory remarks on the community.




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