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Pakistani American Democrat Runs In Favour of Congress in Harris Country of Texas

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The name of a Pakistani American philanthropist and business leader is being run for a House seat in 29thCongressional District in Texas. The name of the man is Tahir Javed, who is the CEO of Riceland Healthcare. The organization is providing various health care services throughout the regions of East Texas. Tahir Javed is a Democrat who is well recognized for his contributions or raising millions of dollars for the sake of candidates, national groups and more than 30 state parties. Javed had travelled across 32 states with an aim of raising funds for the presidential campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton in the year of 2016.

Presently, the position is acquired by a Democrat named Rep. Gene Green, who has made his contributions to the district since 1993.  According to the announcement of Green on Nov.13, he is no more interested to take part in the forthcoming re-election in 2018.

According to the reports, Javed has collaborated with state Sen. Sylvia Garcia, D-Houston; teacher Hector Morales, attorney Roel Garcia and real estate agent Dominique Michelle Garcia as former applicants who have previously requested to get on the primary ballot of March 6.

Javed has focused his campaign on the opposition of President Donald Trump. He remarked that there are numerous reasons to be in opposition to Donald Trump. He has some attitude problems with Russia and China. He was also sensitive about the Muslim religion in whole and he also suffers from Islamophobia. Trump’s earlier statements reveal his treatment towards women and there are many like these. Addressing such issues he had clarified his stand and discussed his vision to provide quality Health Care Service across the regions of Texas.

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