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Pakistani American Woman Arrested For Initiating Aid to ISIS

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A hospital technician of a suburban New York Hospital had been accused of using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to launder cash for one of the most brutal terror group ISIS.  The prosecutors later remarked on December 15 that the technician had been arrested on several charges of money laundering in favour of a foreign terrorist organization and bank fraud.

According to the court claim attempted by federal prosecutors in Suffolk County of New York, Zoobia Shahnaz, 27 has used deceitful credit cards and loans to collect USD 85,000, that she tried to shift to the fund of the terrorist group ISIS ahead of visiting Syria to join it.

The prosecutors also remarked that soon after travelling to Jordan in order to work with the Syrian American Medical Society, Shahnaz had returned to the United States and appealed for six credit cards by which she accustomed to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a different purpose.  The prosecutors had informed that the inhabitant of the hamlet of Brentwood in Islip on Long Island had made his presence in front of a federal judge lately on December 15. She had been ordered to be kept in the custody.

Steve Zissou, the lawyer of Shahnaz had refused to make any comment after hearing the order.  Following the unlawful transactions and loans with her credit cards, she had tried to withdraw USD 22,000 from another bank account that was in her own name.  They also informed that she had made some bitcoin transfers and other cryptocurrencies for different purposes.  After preparing sufficient evidence against Shahnaz, police had arrested her in connection with several charges including money laundering and conspiracy.

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