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Parvathy Protests against Misogyny in Films like Kasaba

source: www.thehindu.com

Recently, Parvathy, a National award winning Malayalam actress has expressed her views on misogyny on a social networking platform.  Afterwards, she also was trolled for her views on misogyny. As per the reports, she was sharing her views at a meet of the Women in Cinema Collective at the ongoing International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). While discussing many issues, the Qarib Qarib Single actress had decided to speak up against the inherent misogyny in Malayalam films over the ages. Because of this, she had been trolled for her comments.

She tried depicting the entire issue smartly, though she did not mention any particular names but referred to a Malayalam heavyweight Mammootty’s 2016 release Kasaba to relate her statement.  She remarked that she had seen the movie and it was her bad luck.  With all respect to the makers, the film disappointed her, as the featured actor was seen spitting misogynistic dialogues throughout the entire film. Film is an art and it is a reflection of our life and society, therefore such dialogues seem irrelevant and disturbing in reality.

The report also disclosed that soon after her comments, fans and followers started making fun of her for her comments.  One of them had attacked Parvathy suggesting, they are pretty intelligent to differentiate cinema and life in reality, and she has no right to talk about Mammootty. The dialogues were necessary for the film.  However, the battle has also observed some fans that had made a stand in favour of her statement. Parvathy also emphasized that the narrative of cinema is required to be changed in favour of women and there is indeed a need for the women to be financially independent in this society.

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